Planet inspired brand

Nature and environment have always been part of dusk identity.
And we've always wanted to create a brand that would make things right for the places that inspired us.

On this page, you'll find our 3 goals for an ethic and sustainable brand.

1. Materials

Clothing has gone way too far down the fast-consumption lane. We want to be part of the change and offer more durable and more carefully sourced products.
From the fabric, to the packaging, we got to pick the most sustainable solutions when creating our products.

dusk. selects its suppliers based on their geographic location and their impact on the environment.

That means we will prefer to get products from France to avoid unnecessary travels, and will look into organic, recycled, and ethic materials.
We still have a long way to go, part of it due to our lack of experience in the industry, but we're motivated to keep making these concerns the most important factor in our decisions.

2. Giveback

To go further than making things right, we believe that we can also participate in the change. That why we choose to giveback a portion of our sales.
This kind of approach has become more and more popular in the past few years, with initiatives like, and we decided to join the movement.

dusk. has committed to give 2% of its sales revenues to an environmentally focused nonprofit organisation.

Each year we will choose some nonprofits, either directly related to the places that inspired our collection, or with a global impact, and we will conduct a survey through our customers to select the ones receiving the donation.

3. Small

This adventure has always been a side project, made for fun, to explore creativity and jump on ideas. Profitability was rarely put on the table, and high production volumes was never a goal.

dusk. is making products at a human scale, and honestly following ideas before revenues.

We want to keep the company small, and thrive in the opportunity it brings to people gravitating around it. We believe that this kind of initiative can bring way more quality and sustainability.