Distinctive lifestyle.
Designed for horizon lovers.

Celebrating the inherent beauty of sunsets and nature. Our clothes are crafted in small production runs, we strive to maintain the artistry at a viable, human scale. Few times a year we release a limited collection inspired by our travels.

Photo of a sunset on the beach in bali
Photo of a sunset on the beach in bali

The Canggu Collection

Each or our collections is dedicated to a specific place.
For the second collection, we bring back some memories from the Indonesian island, Bali.
Canggu being one of the district with an alternative and surf-skate vibe.

Guy wearing the Canggu long shaped black t-shirt
Girl wearing the Canggu black cropped sweatshirt
Girl wearing the Canggu black cropped sweatshirt

The brand

Made with care

Designed with passion around the world.
Embroided in Paris.


Our thoughfully selected t-shirts have a particular long and curving shape. A strong black or white base decorated with a gradient stripe representing a sunset glowing out thanks to the threads chosen for the embroidery. Minimalism and simplicity bringing a strong style.


We're experimenting with different partners to find the best materials, it took us several months to find the quality we wanted to achieve for our fabric, and more to get an embroidery as detailed as possible. But we’re not going to stop there, the idea is to keep improving every collection, so if you have advices or want to work with us, feel free to reach out!

The story

Why I've made dusk.

Dusk is a precise moment of the day, it can either be the start or the end of anything, but you know that things are changing.

You've just contemplated a beautiful sunset, and it's now quiet, almost dark, and you appreciate that state of clarity and peace that you've reached.

I created Dusk to design products that use simplicity, details and experience to remind us of these moments.Inspired by the lifestyle of people out there chasing sunsets, weither it's above the water while surfing or through the buildings while skating around the city, I want to make products with a distinctive style that you can take along your adventures.

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